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Cơ Hội – Opportunities: Học Bổng Vinh Danh Cố Trung Tướng Ngô Quang Trưởng – Scholarship Honoring Gen. Ngô

Ngày 10, Tháng 7, 2008: Học Bổng Vinh Danh Cố Trung Tướng Ngô Quang Trưởng – Cho Sinh Viên Bậc Đại Học Gốc Việt Bên Mỹ

Hạn Chót Nộp Đơn: 15 Tháng 11, 2008

Học bổng này có mục đích vinh danh ông Ngô Quang Trưởng, một vị tướng tài đã kiên trường chiến đấu cho miền Nam tự do trong nhiều năm (xin đọc sơ lược tiểu sử của ông bằng tiếng Anh trong mấy trang cuối dưới đây). Học bổng cũng có mục đích khuyến khích giới trẻ Mỹ gốc Việt đọc tài liệu về lịch sử Việt Nam và Tướng Trưởng. Mục đích sau cùng là giúp giới trẻ thấm nhuần được đức tính trung nghĩa, công minh, chính trực và khiêm tốn, cùng với lòng hy sinh và tài lãnh đạo của vị tướng nổi danh này.

Muốn xin học bổng này, sinh viên phải:

1. Ghi danh học toàn thời tại một trường đại học (hoặc bán thời nếu vừa làm vừa học)

2. Có điểm trung bình 2.8 trở lên

3. Tích cực làm việc xã hội để đóng góp cho cộng đồng

4. Liệt kê những tài liệu đã đọc về Tướng Trưởng và lịch sử Việt Nam 1954-1975

5. Nộp 1 bài viết bằng Anh Văn dài 1.5 trang – 2 trang với chủ đề: “Tôi đã đóng góp gì cho cộng đồng; những công việc đó đã giúp người khác và chính bản thân tôi như thế nào?”

6. Cho tên của 1 nhân vật biết rõ về sinh viên (giáo sư, cấp trên, v.v.), cùng với địa chỉ, số điện thoại, e-mail address, và vai trò của vị này đối với sinh viên

7. Cho địa chỉ, số điện thoại, và e-mail address của sinh viên

8. Xin nộp bài luận và các giấy tờ khác qua mạng (dùng e-mail). Chúng tôi yêu cầu đừng nộp qua đường bưu điện

Hạn chót nộp đơn là 15 Tháng 11, 2008, và học bổng sẽ được trao vào giữa Tháng 3, 2009. Xin nộp cùng lúc qua địa chỉ e-mail là

Chúng tôi kêu gọi các cá nhân và hội đoàn tại Mỹ Quốc đóng góp cho quỹ học bổng. Khi gửi checks, xin dùng địa chỉ sau đây:

Boat People SOS

Scholarship Committee (Ms. Đông Thụy Bùi)

6066 Leesburg Pike, Suite 100

Falls Church, VA 22041-2220

Năm 2007, sinh viên Daniel Nguyễn của trường University of Florida thắng giải. Nhờ sự đóng góp của một số hảo nhân trong cộng đồng Việt, quỹ học bổng năm 2007 lên đến $1,500.

Ngo Quang Truong Memorial Scholarship for Vietnamese American Undergraduates in the U.S.A

Application deadline is November 15, 2008

This scholarship honors the memory of General Ngo Quang Truong whose dedication and military genius helped prolong liberty in South Vietnam (the general’s condensed biography can be found after this announcement). Another objective is to encourage young Vietnamese Americans to learn about Vietnamese history and the general’s achievements. Finally, this scholarship is designed to inculcate the following values, symbolized by the life of this famous general, among young Vietnamese Americans: loyalty, fairness, self-sacrifice, leadership, integrity, and humility.

Criteria and required submissions include:

1. Be a full-time undergraduate student or, if the applicant holds a part-time job, take 8 credit hours or more at an accredited college or university

2. Have a GPA of 2.8 or better

3. Demonstrate an outstanding commitment to community service

4. List material that you have read to learn more about General Truong’s life and Vietnamese history from 1954 to 1975

5. Submit a 1.5 to 2-page essay (in English) on the following topic: “My volunteer work and how it benefited me and those whom I helped”

6. Submit the name, position, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and relationship (e.g., current or former teacher/employer/associate) of a reference

7. Provide contact information including the applicant’s address, telephone number, and e-mail address

8. Submit all material electronically via e-mail (no hard copy, please)

The application deadline is November 15, 2008 in order to accommodate an award date of mid-March 2009. Please send applications to

Tax-deductible contributions to the scholarship fund may be mailed to:

Boat People SOS

Scholarship Committee (Ms. Đông Thụy Bùi)

6066 Leesburg Pike, Suite 100

Falls Church, VA 22041-2220

In 2007, Mr. Daniel Nguyen, an undergraduate student at the University of Florida, was the winner. Donations from a number of generous Vietnamese Americans enabled us to award $1,500 to the 2007 winner.


Short Biography of General Ngo Quang Truong (1929-2007)

Ngo Quang Truong was born Dec. 19, 1929, to a well-to-do family in the Mekong River Delta province of Kien Hoa. Following the Vietnamese practice, his family name was Ngo and his first name was Truong, but Vietnamese routinely call their countrymen by their title and first name, which is why he was so widely known as Gen. Truong. Commissioned into the army in 1954, he spent the next dozen years in the elite airborne brigade, and in 1966 became commander of the 1st Infantry Division in Hue, the major city in Central Vietnam. He left to take charge of the region that encompasses the Mekong Delta in 1971.

Retired Four-Star General Norman Schwarzkopf (who commanded Operation Desert Storm against Iraq in 1991) wrote. “His face was pinched and intense, not at all handsome, and there was always a cigarette hanging from his lips. Yet he was revered by his officers and troops – and feared by those North Vietnamese commanders who knew of his ability.” When he was a major serving in Vietnam, Schwarzkopf was an advisor to Gen. Truong (a colonel at the time).

Unlike other generals who had grown rich as they ascended the ranks, Gen. Truong led a Spartan, ascetic life. Gen. Truong didn’t own a suit and his wife kept pigs behind his modest quarters in the military compound where they lived.

Gen. Truong demonstrated his military genius early in his military career when he was a junior officer. Later, as a senior commander, he directed a number of campaigns that devastated enemy forces and disrupted North Vietnam’s plans for the conquest of South Vietnam.

Two nights before the Tet Offensive (1968 coordinated attack on major South Vietnamese cities by communist guerillas), Gen. Truong sensed that something would happen and put his troops on alert. When the first night passed quietly, Gen. Truong dismissed his advisers but kept his troops ready, Cushman said. That night brought the attack and several weeks of fighting.

In The Siege at Hue, Retired Lieutenant-Colonel George W. Smith wrote: “General Truong was tough, disciplined, and dedicated to his military profession. Unlike many of his contemporaries who had climbed the ranks through political influence, nepotism, or cold, hard cash, he had earned his stars on the battlefield. He was viewed as a self-starter, without a hint of corruption or ego. He was regarded by the Americans as unquestionably the finest senior combat commander in the South Vietnamese army.”

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf said in his 1992 autobiography, It Doesn’t Take a Hero, that Gen. Truong was “the most brilliant tactical commander I’d ever known”. Simply by visualizing the terrain and drawing on his experience fighting the enemy for 15 years, Truong showed an uncanny ability to predict what they were going to do,” Schwarzkopf wrote.

In early 1975, North Vietnam mounted their final offensive against a weakened South Vietnamese army deprived of U.S. aid. In March 1975, under orders from President Nguyen Van Thieu, General Truong relinquished Hue and retreated to the South. After the war, he lived in exile in the United States.

Beginning in 1979, the U.S. Army Center of Military History commissioned Gen. Truong to author three books with the objective of preserving U.S./South Vietnamese military history related to the Vietnam War. The publications are:

1. The Easter Offensive of 1972 (1983),

2. Territorial Forces (1984), and

3. RVANF and US Operational Cooperational Coordination (1984).

He died on January 22, 2007 in Virginia. Shortly thereafter, the non-profit organization Boat People SOS and Vietnamese Americans in a number of states helped establish a perpetual scholarship fund in his honor.

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