Posted by: bpsoshmhd | July 15, 2008

Thành Quả – Results: Reflections of a STEP Peer Companion

July 15, 2008: I’d like to share my experiences with volunteering with the community and the home visits I’ve made to seniors’ houses since my graduation from Seniors and Trauma Survivors Empowerment (STEP) in September 2007.

Since last month, I’ve been focusing on making more home visits. I’ve realized that most clients appreciate me coming to visit them very much. They are so happy to be able to share with me what’s going on in their lives. They also ask about how to apply for Medicare Part D and how to pay their medical bills. BPSOS organized a workshop last year on Medicare Part D workshop for Peer Companions and I used the knowledge I gained from that workshop to help other seniors. I have decided to follow up on some clients who really need more frequent visits. I have more peace of mind and a support group that is necessary to their well-being.

There’s also the case of a member of our congregation who was not feeling well and switching doctors each week. Thanks to the Peer Companion training classes, I quickly realized the urgency of her condition, and knew that I needed to ask for help from BPSOS. With the help of the bilingual mental health counselor of the STEP program, Duong Hoang, and my faithful support, today she looks much more alive and stronger. She is especially more eager to eat more than usual and pays more attention to her health.

I am so grateful to be able to assist those seniors who need help. I realize that being a Peer Companion is not only a service to those seniors, but also my contribution to my community.

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