Posted by: bpsoshmhd | August 8, 2008

Tài Liệu – Resources: ‘Chimes of Voices’ Celebrates Vietnamese-American Oral History

Nguyen Van Phuong, who narrates his own life story on the Chimes of Voices blog. Click the image above to read about and hear his experiences.

August 8, 2008: A new blog has debuted on the Web, with the ambitious plan of “keeping the culture, history, and dreams of the Vietnamese-American community alive … one story at a time.”

Created by BPSOS’ Xuan Le, who coordinates the Seniors and Trauma Survivors Empowerment Program (STEP), the blog opens with a lively oral history from Nguyen Van Phuong, who recalls setbacks and triumphs throughout his life in America. Nguyen, who arrived in the US in March of 1973, rebuilt his life, prospered, and now volunteers for BPSOS with the Senior Information Line.

Don’t forget to bookmark Chimes of Voices, because it is updated regularly with more precious oral histories from members of the Vietnamese-American community!

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