Posted by: BPSOS | February 12, 2009

Tin Tức – News: BPSOS-Maryland Dances With Dragons at Tet Festival!

feb-12-md-tet-dragonipedeicorn1Posing with a Tet tradition… Maryland’s dancing dragon is especially glittery, golden, and fierce!

February 12, 2009: Tet has come and gone, but the photos of BPSOS out in the community are still rolling in. To welcome the Lunar New Year, BPSOS-Maryland staff took their message of immigrant entrepreneurship and pride in Vietnamese traditions to the community festival.

In the shadow of the mighty dancing dragon, BPSOS staff promoted the Maryland office’s RISE Microenterprise Program, which is helping Vietnamese immigrants improve their businesses despite America’s economic troubles. You can click here to learn more about one Vietnamese-American entrepreneur’s use of RISE-secured funds (we can help DC-area refugees obtain loans of up to $10,000!)

Below are more photos to remember Tet 2009 in Maryland:

Greeting community leaders for Tet requires a beautiful ao dai, a smile, and knowledge of how refugees can access microenterprise loans.

feb-12-09-md-tet-crewA Tet stampede arrives just in time to learn about BPSOS-Maryland.

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