Posted by: BPSOS | March 20, 2009

Tin Tức – News: Virginia’s Community Leaders Honored for Service to Vietnamese Senior Information Line

march-20-09-senior-info-honorees1Virginia community leaders take part in the ceremony honoring their service to the Vietnamese Senior Information Line.

March 20, 2009: Some of Northern Virginia’s most dedicated Vietnamese-American leaders were honored on March 9 for serving their community!

The Adult & Aging Division of the Fairfax Area Agency on Aging (AAA)’s Department of Family Services hosted a special ceremony to recognize 24 volunteer leaders who had given their best to assist their community and peers by working on the Vietnamese Senior Information Line, which offers Vietnamese-language guidance to seniors who need help accessing public and private services.

The ceremony also honored three supporting organizations: Boat People SOS, VATV, and Thu Do Thoi Bao.

“We’re proud to have played a role in founding the Vietnamese Senior Information Line, and we look forward to working with AAA to continue its success,” said BPSOS senior services specialist Xuan Le. “We’re especially grateful to all the community leaders who have volunteered their time on this important project; they have been essential to its operations and we would not be where we are without their dedication.

The community leaders who were recognized are as follows:

Current Volunteers

* Mai Bui

* Nhon Tran

* Jennifer Hanh Huynh

* Huong Hoang

Past Volunteers

* Lan-Phuong Tran

* Bui Nguyen

* Hong-Hai Nguyen

* Phuong Nguyen

* Kim-Oanh Nguyen

* Tuan Tran

* Mong-Hoa Le

* Tu-Cau Tran

* Kim-Tieng Nguyen

BPSOS Staff Volunteers

* Xuan Le

* Alexia Dinh

* Thanh Phan

* Dao-Tien Ha

* Hang Duong

* Celine Duong

* Dong Bui

* Cam-Tu Vu

* Hien Dang

* Loan Nguyen

* Kim-Cuc Le

Supporting Organizations

* Boat People SOS


* Thu Do Thoi Bao

Supporting AAA staff:

* Kim-Ha Ly

* Pho Weigel

march-19-09-aaa-awardsBPSOS staff members Celine Duong, Alexia Dinh, and Xuan Le are honored for their service to the Vietnamese Senior Information Line.

To learn more about the Vietnamese Senior Information Line or to volunteer to help, call Amy Trang, multicultural outreach and program coordinator of the Department of Family Services’ Adult & Aging Division, at (703) 324-3745. You can read more about this critically important volunteer position by clicking here.

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