Posted by: BPSOS | May 12, 2009

Tin Tức – News: Coalition Backs Reforms to Cut Healthcare Disparities Among Ethnic Minorities

caduceusMay 12, 2009: In a move that could have significant implications for Vietnamese-American seniors’ access to healthcare, a coalition of 24 national health and advocacy organizations has sent a letter to President Barack Obama and congressional leaders outlining three legislative strategies aimed at reducing healthcare disparities among racial and ethnic minorities.

The strategies, which are intended for inclusion in broader health reform, were reported in AHA News Now. The letter itself stems from the American Hospital Association (AHA)’s Special Advisory Group on Improving Hospital Care for Minorities.

The signatories call for support of efforts to enhance the care quality provided to minority populations, including providing incentives for delivering continuous, timely care to minority patients; allocating resources to support the collection, analysis and use of data to reduce healthcare disparities; and funding the development of Medicare pay-for-performance measures that assess care provided to minorities enrolled in the original Medicare program and the Medicare Advantage program.

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