Posted by: BPSOS | June 3, 2009

Bạn Đồng Nghiệp Mới – New Hires: BPSOS-Houston Welcomes Loraine Riley, Administration Supervisor!

LoraineJune 3, 2009: BPSOS-Houston is excited to welcome Loraine Riley as administration supervisor for the Ike Disaster Recovery Program (IDRP).

She brings to the position a wealth of experience gained while working with hurricane victims while employed with Hurricane Katrina recovery initiatives in New Orleans.

Her prior work experience led Riley to seek this position with BPSOS. Along with assisting individuals with a variety of needs to start their road to recovery, she also worked on a research project to determine the survivors’ level of recovery once three years had passed since the disaster.

“I applied for a position with BPSOS because I support the mission to assist people in their search for a life in liberty and dignity,” said the new IDPR supervisor.

coffeeAmong her many responsibilities will be to ensure the proper functioning of the TAAG and CAN data systems that collect information on the IDRP case management efforts.

“We’re very pleased to welcome someone of Loraine’s qualification on board,” said Danielle Bolks, director of the IDRP. “With her depth of experience, she’s sure to add a lot to our work. Welcome, Loraine!”

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