Posted by: BPSOS | June 10, 2009

Bạn Đồng Nghiệp Mới – New Hires: BPSOS-Houston Welcomes Ninh K. Vo’s IT Expertise!

Ninh  Vo IDRP  Vietnam Vietnamese BPSOS Boat People SOS     Ủy Ban Cứu Người Vượt Biển UBCNVBJune 10, 2009: BPSOS-Houston is excited to welcome Ninh K. Vo, who will be supporting the Ike Disaster Recovery Program (IDRP) as a data management and IT specialist!

A graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, he has many years of experience as an IT specialist and quality assurance engineer.

This is his first experience working for the Vietnamese-American community, and he has expressed great excitement about the opportunity.

coffee“We’re very pleased to have such a talented colleague on board,” said IDRP director Danielle Bolks. “His work to support our team’s case management through the TAAG data system will be invaluable.”

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